domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2007

Mochika Mini Documental Translation by Psylux

"Well the complete story is the following:Before graduating university I wanted a sythesizer, to play, but I was broke. I tried to find money, find work, find a used one, I tried everything but it was too expensive. A MicoKorg was $700, and there were no used ones - well it was a disaster. So I said to hell with it, and built my own. [I communicated with one person, more than any other] and he couldn't believe they were made in Peru. When he invited me to join his band/group, I started [making synths again] because I'd actually quit. I made the first one, and it didn't sound good so I had quit building. The "Eclipse". I made it in a day. Sometimes I have an idea, and like an obsession I keep thinking of it and it gets to where I disregard other things so I must finish it to be calm again. Q: What is that?A: Its a photo-synthsezier. It has an oscillator but its controlled with a photocell and you can alter the sound by varying the light on the cell.I made 3 version of the sequencer. The first was the Medusa, of which I sold and its gone. This is the second Medusa thats a bit bigger but its all on one board. And the third one is called "Mochika" and its optimized. Its got ins and outs and can be synced to other gear, other Mochikas or drum machines with analog signals not digitally. The song we made with [Dante?] was a Mochika connected to a TR-606 Drumatix.Everything I tell you is mentally. [context?] I never make plans or drawings, or few. I do it mentally - I think out the structure in blocks in my mind, When its clear what Im going to do I go to the computer and I begin to draw the circuits. Sometimes I just sit there , just like that, like I'm doing nothing, but I'm just thinking. "

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