martes, 20 de mayo de 2008

New AtomoSynth's Abyssal

Hello world!! this is the "Abyssal" analog photo-noise-machine & oscillating-filter
This synth features one square and saw waveform VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) with a huge pitch range, from subsonic to ultrasonic sound controlled by a big photocell (pitch control) allowing to play it like a photo Theremin.
One square and triangle waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator), that can modulate the VCO for the vibrato effect creating arcade Atari-like sounds; and also can modulate the filter creating a resonant tremolo effect.
One white noise generator that modulates the frequency of the VCO.
Voltage controlled vactrol filter with the classical cut off and resonance controls that produces unique, weird effects, also capable to process external audio signals.
It has a 1/4 inch audio output, 1/4 inch Line Audio Input, 1 big photocell. Also the instrument includes a red ultra bright LED tentacle to provide light for the photo cell, very useful when playing it on a dark stage.
The Abyssal synth is packed in a clear acrylic case that shows all the handmade analog circuitry.
The instrument is powered directly from 110V or 220V AC.
Dimensions: 170 mm (W), 170 mm (D), 75mm (H. included rubber feet and knobs). LED tentacle length: 500mm.

2 comentarios:

arecio smith dijo...

Tengo mucha curiosidad por escuchar su invento!!

WU WEI - WU MING dijo...

Muy bien Alfredo. Entendí que tiene un generador de ruido que modula la frecuencia del VCO. Es decir que genera sonidos aleatorios :D. A ver cuentame como va eso!!!

Es un añadido muy interesante y tambien los controladores del corte de frecuencia y resonancia. Esos detalles lo hacen más completo. Un abrazo y suerte.