martes, 12 de junio de 2012

AtomoSynth KRAKKEN v1.1

Krakken Compact analog synthesizer keyboard MIDI controlled.

This machine gives you the great powerfull analog sound of AtomoSynth now with a build in keyboard and also it is MIDI controlable !!!.
Play it directly, it features a 2 octaves keyboard (tactile button keys ), with octave up and down shift buttons.
Conect it to a MIDI keyboard and play!!!
Control it from a MIDI sequencer, MIDI controller or computer and set it to any of the 16 Midi channels.
Control other analog gear with the built in 12 bit MIDI to CV converter.
Create weird analog sounds, brilliant leads, acid basslines or make noise, change the sound in real time by tweeking the knobs on stage or in studio.
Connect it directly to mains, no wall wart, it has a switcher to select 110Volt or 220Volt AC so you can use it anywhere in the world!

Keyboard: 25-key (tactile button keys).
Octave Shift up/down buttons (5 octave range).
VCO1 and VCO2: This synth features two analog square and saw waveform VCO (voltage controled oscillator) with a huge pitch range, from subsonic to ultrasonic sound.
Glide: effect control with a wide range that allows radical effects.
White noise generator.
LFO: One square and triangle waveform LFO (low frequency oscillator), that modulates the VCO for the vibrato effect creating old school arcade Atari-like sounds. Also it modulates the VCF (voltage controled filter) creating a tremolo effect. It has a led that shows the LFO rate.
VCF: One High pass and Low pass VCF (voltage controlled filter) with cut off and ressonance controls that can be modulated by the LFO and the VCO depth, It also features a dedicated envelope generator with decay and depth control.
EG: envelope generator with attack and release control. MIDI to CV converter.

The Krakken features an accurate 12bits MIDI to control voltage converter with a range of 5 octaves, it can be set to any midi channel from 1 to 16 so you can control any external analog synthesizer with the CV and Gate Outputs (1Volt/octave).
Also you can connect many Krakken synthesizers in chain with its midi thru output to a computer or midi sequencer and each one will play a different midi channel.
The instrument is is housed in a clear, laser cut, acrilic case that shows the analog circuitry.
It is powered directly from mains, it features a switcher to select 110V or 220V AC.
Dimensions: 280mm(W), 240 mm(D), 85mm(H. incuded rubber feet and knobs)

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BITLEY™ dijo...

I love the Krakken, tried it briefly at Schneidersladen in Berlin. You should really update all your synths giving them PW/PWM as well, ringmod would also be neat and oscillator sync. The design is wonderful though!

Kudos from Sweden!