martes, 1 de julio de 2014

AtomoSynth Multiklon multi-step sequencer eurorack module

Multiklon multi step sequencer eurorack module
Eurorack 36HP width
Power: +/- 12V, +5V
13 sequencer modes
2 random sequence modes
8 gate arpeggiator pattern modes
1 oscillator mode
2 connection modes, to connect with other Multiklon for 16 step sequencer
Repetition control per step (up to 8 repetitions per step)
Gate mode control per step (gate time or hold)
External clock or midi synchronizable
CV and gate output
Clock output (outputs the internal, external or midi clock)
CV and Gate input (CV input with voltage mixer)
External clock input 
Gate time control
Glide effect

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