lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

NEW! AtomoSynth MochikaXL v2.2 "Dark side"

Mochika XL version 2.2
Analog synthesizer with 8 steps analog sequencer, midi syncable.

Let's make some serious noise!!!
this machine is great for live performance and improvisation for creating insane effect loops, acid basslines or crazy random rhythms.
Make noise - experimental music, change the sound in real time by tweeking the knobs on stage or in studio.
Connect it to your favorite effects (delay, flange, etc, etc)and create a wide sort of rhytm textures and soundscapes.
Sync it to any midi device like a drumbox midi sequencer or computer and play live.
Create random sonic sequences and blow minds with this beautiful lighted analog sequencer synth box!!!.
Now built like a tank!!! in a rugged black metal case with all switchers and potentiometers fixed to the case. if you break it... you've got an anger problem!

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