miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

New!! Krakken v1.2 Dark side

Krakken version 1.2
Compact analog synthesizer keyboard, midi controllable.

Let's play a solo!!!
The AtomoSynth Krakken is a super compact 100% analog synthesizer, carefully hand made with all  discrete components as in the vintage old synthesizers which gives you a big and powerful sound with lots of character.
You can play it directly with the built in 2 octave keyboard and octave up and down shift buttons, it is perfect if you like a compact set up of small analog boxes!!! 
Connect it by MIDI to a keyboard, sequencer or to your DAW and use it as an analog sound module and add that "punch" or "physicalness" of analog sound to your proyects.
Also you can control other analog gear with the built in 12 bit MIDI to CV converter.
Create weird electronic sounds, brilliant leads, acid bass lines or make noise and change the sound in real time by tweaking the knobs on stage or in studio.
Now built like a tank!!! in a rugged black metal case with all switchers and potentiometers fixed to the case.

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